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More than a decade ago, during a challenging chapter of my life, a close friend gifted me a transformative experience: a New Year's Eve meditation retreat. Those three days became a profound journey back to my self. The retreat delved into 5 essential mindfulness teachings of the Buddha, and I pondered deeply on their significance in my life.


As the retreat culminated, I found myself truly engaging with these teachings, and sensing my genuine connection to them. This introspection unveiled a potential path to heal the emotional difficulties I was experiencing.


In the closing ceremony, among the many present, only a handful of us rose, signaling our desire to make a formal commitment to these teachings. As the monks and nuns elucidated each principle, we affirmed yes and then bowed deeply laying our whole bodies on the earth in prostration as they read each vow. Having accepted the vows they called our names and we walked forward to receive a certificate acknowledging our commitment.

A particularly touching moment was when the head nun revealed to us that Thay (Thich Nhat Hanh) had personaliy chosen our new  Buddhist names for us, based on our heartfelt reflections we had written and submitted the day before.


For me, they name they chose was "Luminous Grace of the Heart."

Humbled and emotional, I silently vowed to attempt to embody this

name's essence going forward, no small feat! ;)


This website stands is a testament to a transformative journey that has deeply enriched my life. Through Buddhism, I embarked on a profound exploration of self, grappling with life's complexities while also reveling in its beauty.


Through meditation and the ageless wisdom of the Buddha, I've learned to navigate life's highs and lows with grace and understanding.


For those seeking guidance on their spiritual path, this site offers direction and community. It's a hub for sharing insights, learning, and connecting with events in Orange County, California and across the web. Thank you for sharing your spiritual path with me and together, may we all complete the spiritual journey! 


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