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In a world where the news and information we receive is so full of confusion, greed, and fear, I know I can always come home to the Dharma to comfort my heart, and illuminate my mind.

Many of the western teachers featured below did the hard work of traveling abroad and doing intensive retreats and trainings with wise and sometimes enlightened teachers whose lineages and teachings trace all the way back to the Buddha.

These teachers have not only brought these precious teachings back to the U.S. (where we can enjoy them from our homes and cars; or while on a walk or resting in a hammock) but they have also figured out how to offer these teachings in a wonderfully accessible way, with depth, humor, and storytelling at its best.

Here are a few of my go-to sites for hearing the beautiful liberating truths of the Dharma from the comfort of home. And they are all free of charge... So settle in and enjoy!


Dharmaseed is the mothership of all dharma talk sites: Thousands of teachers, topics, and talks to fill your enlightened heart and mind! Search by teacher or topic. Note: This site is primarily made of Insight-Theravadan teachers.


Jack's talks are warm, playful and wise, weaving traditional teachings with poetry and personal stories. He is grounded in the lineage of Vipassana and Theravada Buddhism but makes it all very accessible to the western student.


Much like Jack Kornfield, Tara's teaching style is also incredibly warm and often funny. She is a also a western psychologist, and skillfully weaves psychology with ancient wisdom teachings to help us see why we do what we do, and how to change our condioning


Norman Fisher is the abbott of Everyday Zen sangha in Marin County. Norman has such a clear, direct, yet sweet approach to sharing the dharma. It's unassuming, accessible and well worth a listen.


Lama Surya Das is a character! His training and practice are as deep as they come (he is a lineage holder in the Dzogchen tradition), yet is easily the most mischievous- always reminding us to hold the practice lightly, while delving its depths! He is one of my all-time favorite teachers, and I strongly recommend reading, listening, and even attending a retreat with him... you won't regret it!


Sylvia Boorstein is the old Jewish Buddhist grandmother you never knew existed, yet somehow always wanted to be waiting for you at family functions. She is warm, kind, and continuously reminding us that a good heart Is our greatest refuge.


Dharma on the Go! an app for your phone with an incredible array of teachers, styles, traditions, meditations and more!

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