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Guided Meditations because sometimes you just need someone to be there with you.

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

There are literally thousands of meditations out there for you to choose from, but here are a few of my go-to favorites. If you like any of these teachers, they each have websites with plenty more, so this is a good jumping off point... sit back, relax, and let the heart and mind fall utterly open!

*MARY MADDOX: Meditation Oasis Episode 27 - Deep Rest:

If you need to nap, fall asleep, or just rest deeply this is the one for you! This meditation has helped me on many occasions to just let go and let be!


*TARA BRACH: Meditation – Gateway to Presence (10:30 min)

A wonderful short meditation, very grounding, easy to do and lovely!


*JACK KORNFIELD: Being True to Yourself Meditation (3:00 min)

a short but powerful mediaion to re-root you to your highest intensions.


*JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN: Sky Mind" Mindfulness Meditation (45 min)

If you're ready to go deep and have a little more time, this is a GEM! Sometimes when I want the depth of this practice but don't have the time, I just do the first 20 minutes which is also very effective.



Twenty minutes a day is often the amount of time that is suggested if you are trying to build a regular sitting practice and this is a soft beautiful spacious mediation in that time frame.


*SARAH BLONDIN: Live Awake- S02- Honoring Life(11:00)

Sarah's meditations are more like prayers... chants or offerings to your spirit. They are filled with kindness and beautiful imagery, and I find them delightful.There is a lot of talking with only a little silence at the end, but you can let her words can wash over your spirit like Dharma rain!


*JACK KORNFIELD: Finding Buddha Nature in the Midst of Difficulty Meditation(11:00)

A very unique and deeply powerful mediation to help access your best most loving self, so as to be able to lovingly handle any difficulty that arises-this one is must try!


*NORMAN FISHER: On Letting Go And Generosity (14:00)

A very good, clean, fresh meditation with simple and clear guidance on sitting posture and practice in general.... a favorite of mine.


*TARA BRACH: Leads a Guided Meditation: The RAIN of Self Compassion (10:00)

RAIN offers a beautiful way to catch yourself throughout the day when difficulty arises and begin to offer a loving presence to yourself instead of narrowing down into criticism or blame or remaining stuck in a trance of unworthiness.


SYLVIA BOORSTEIN: Lovingkindness (Metta) Meditation (7:00)



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